The Cocktail Nation has 10 free Casa Bacardi ‘Batkeys’ to give away!

And they open this door The Bats have taken up residence in a stunning art déco building in Brussels. Still celebrating its 150th birthday, Bacardi decided to relive the previous Bookclub experience. This time a bit less speakeasy and a bit more night-lifey, but still in stunning surroundings, serving excuisite drinks by world famous bartenders….

ImagiNation – The Nation invades the Imagin Bar in Knokke

I’m a gin bar it said, but it didn’t say anything about some great rum and whiskey cocktails too Knokke, love it or hate it. I got mixed feelings about it. It is the last place on earth where people still tie sweaters around there neck, preferably in hues of pink or baby blue, making…