The “Cocktail Nation” stands for every bartender, mixologist and cocktail lover in Belgium and what I do is write and talk about them and our mutual passion for the mixed drink.

Our cocktail experience and expertise is widely recognised which results in several mentions in cocktail books or contributions to them with recipes. I’m also a regular face in cocktail competitions (both great and small) as part of the jury (Diageo World Class, Bacardi Legacy, Nikka Perfect Serve, Saint James, Martin Miller, …). We have been baptised “Belgium’s best cocktails & spirits writer” and “Belgium’s greatest cocktail influential”.

Besides writing, talking, reviewing, tasting and judging cocktails, we also love to make them and serve them. So you can hire us for small events and workshops.

Our workshops are filled with history, anecdotes and the evolution of specific cocktails. We also discuss common faults and misconceptions on certain cocktails. We showcase tips, tricks and techniques for a number of cocktails and of course, let you taste and try!

My name is Rolf Schollaert, hope to toast on you soon

and in the meantime enjoy the blog!


The First Manifesto of the Cocktail Nation:
We, the Citizens of the Cocktail Nation, do hereby declare our independence from the dessicated horde of mummified uniformity – our freedom from an existence of abject swinglessness. We pledge to revolt against the void of dictated sobriety and to cultivate not riches but richness, swankness, suaveness and strangeness, with pleasure and boldness for all.
– The Millionaire of Combustible Edison (Glenn 1994:81)


Pop up bar at “Fameus” event and guestbartending at JCI National Convention with Gregory De Ridder and Jan Van Ongevalle.


Sending Jurgen Nobels to the Global Finals in South Africa (2015)


Judging some Nikka cocktails


Photobombed by Timo Janse at the Campari Cocktail Competition and enjoying excellent Bombay G&T’s with Marc Colfs.


Reviewing Pure-C for Trends Style Magazine and judging cocktails with Hannah Van Ongevalle and Carl Van Droogenbroeck.


Another Nikka Competition and me ‘listening to the ice’.


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