Cocktailbars Ghent

Jigger’s The Noble Drugstore


We don’t believe this famous bar needs much of an introduction. If you like cocktails and you live somewhere near northwestern Europe chances are high you’ve heard of the bar and very probably visited it at least once. This magical cave of mixed libations “hides” in the ‘Patershol’ area of medieval Ghent with only its name on a window and a stuffed, monocled fox behind it (recently replaced by a black porcelain panther). Just ring the doorbell and enjoy!

Jigger’s Oudburg 16, Gent

The Drifter

Customers enjoying a Vulcano Bowl at The Drifter (photo: newplacestobe)

A barspoonsthrow away from Jigger’s you’ll find Belgium’s first and only Tiki Bar: The Drifter! If you assume you know rum, then visit The Drifter and reconsider your assumption. In this cosy little exotic bar, the buccaneer of booze Mr. Tom Neijens concocts the most exquisite tropical tiki cocktails this side of the Yangtze river. Visiting this bar you’re one Tiki drink away from a tropical holiday. Also, spending too much time here, might turn you into a drifter, it’s Tiki magic I tell you and there’s no antidote!

The Drifter Oudburg 47, Gent

Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar

Uncle Babe’s Bar during a cocktail competition (Vitas – one of Babe’s bartenders won)

Uncle Babe’s is a bar where you can eat burgers, real American burgers, juicy, savoury and full of flavour – very unlike the overcooked compressed cardboard horse droppings you get served at one of those fast food chains! Abe Taghdis the owner and ‘burgermeister’ came straight from LA and brought with him his burger wizardry and love of beer and bourbon (amongst other things). But besides burgers they also sport on of the most impressive backbars of the city and some of the best bartenders of Belgium!

Uncle Babe’s Sluizekenstraat 2, Gent