Cocktailbars Coast

Ah, the seaside, it’s very beautiful, but alas also very Belgian. That means we got an Atlantic Wall of apartment buildings stretching from France to the Netherlands blocking the sunlight and a fantastic view. It’s a very busy place in the summer, almost too busy and it’s almost dead the rest of the year. Beaches scream cocktails, especially since the 2000’s when the Mojito started its reign. Now, we’ve come a long way from the Mojito and our coastline sports some of Belgium’s best cocktail bars.



A small bar, next to all the others, there’s nothing very particular about it you’d say. It’s nice and cosy and when the sun’s out there you can relax for hours on its terras. So why would you visit this bar in Blankenberge – of all places- simply because it makes amazingly good cocktails! If you’re into cocktails you have to visit this bar! Under the wings of bartender Jeroen Van Hecke L’Apereau becomes an oasis of rest and calm. I particularly remember one very sunny afternoon when we enjoyed maybe one Zombie too many. So when you’re at the coast and you’re passing through Blankenberge, remember to stop here and take a break for a few hours, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

L’Apereau De Smet de Naeyerlaan 53 Blankenberge

The Pharmacy

Jan goes mental
Still one of our favourite pictures showing Jan in action.

Ah our favourite cure to illness! The Pharmacy is really a unique bar in Belgium and a must visit for everybody who enjoys a good time and good drinks. It all started with Jan Van Ongevalle working as a bartender in the famous Knokke Casino. Now, years later, Jan has his own speakeasy and put his entire family behind the bar, we call it the clan McOngevalle. This creates a unique vibe especially when you’re lucky to be served by father, son and daughter behind the bar. Also the place is very cosy and being an ex antiques shop, strewn with oddities and paraphernalia. We love this place.

The Pharmacy somewhere in Knokke

Sofie’s Place

Diageo - Worldclass Final Belgium - 09/06/2014 - Café Theater, Gent
Sofie Ketels shown here shaking it up at Café Theatre Ghent for Diageo World Class Belgium

Sofie Ketels turned her living room into a bar and it’s great. Sitting at the huge fireplace sipping a Negroni or maybe rather a Boulvardier. Last year in the summertime, she opened an amazing beachbar, which we hope will return this year too. This heartwarming lady knows how to make a good drink, so if you happen to be in the neighbourhood do pay her a visit.

Sofie’s Living Room Demyttenaerelaan 13 Koksijde