The Macallan Edition N°6

A River Runs Through It

Last month Macallan revealed its latest and final number in their Edition series, N°6. The Edition series is a rather unique set of whiskies, because at the same time they showcase and celebrate everything that constitutes Macallan Whisky. The 6th Edition celebrates the fast flowing river that runs through the estate of the Macallan distillery: the river Spey.

The river Spey is rather legendary in Whisky World, so much actually that they named an entire “category” of whisky after it. The Spey defines its own region, it’s the blue artery that runs through it. It brings life to the land and it contains some interesting wildlife too: the Atlantic Salmon. Fly fishing for this mighty beast is very strictly regulated and happens only under the watchful eye of the estate’s ghillie. A ghillie is a sort of game’s keeper responsible for all the life in the river and the riverbanks. Macallan’s Ghillie is Robert Mitchell and this Edition also raises a glass towards him. Also every salmon caught is set free again, of course. Another glass is also raised towards Hardy, a brand of the finest fly fishing equipment in the world, because without it holding an Atlantic Salmon in your hands is quite nearly impossible.

‘Caught anything, Georgie?’ ‘Ah, yes. Your Land Rover, I believe.’

So it’s the River, the man that guards it and the life in it. Now, how does all this translate into a whisky? Well, it’s fresh and lively, quite fruity and the flavors keep on flowing until they finish in spice and toasted oats. There’s a lot going on in this whisky. So much actually that after your first sip you become silent for a minute, while you try to work your head around every aspect of the flavor that keeps on going and changing. It’s an intense experience, you hardly notice that it’s 48,6% ABV.

Only two types of wood are used: European and American oak in Hogsheads and Butts. All the casks used are Sherry seasoned – of course. The colour of the Edition N°6 is described as antique brass and I couldn’t give it a better description myself, it’s exactly that, antique brass. On the nose it has: fresh fruit, nutmeg, ginger, chocolate and vanilla. The taste is something you have to discover for yourself, because you can pinpoint some aspects of it, but you can hardly describe the entire sensation. Some aspects are: definitely stone fruit, orange marmelade, some cinnamon, chocolate mousse, spices and toasted oats.

The Macallan Edition N°6 is a fantastic finale to a spectacular series of whiskies, a must-have for every whisky enthousiast. Indeed, actually the entire series is a must have, especially when you’re a Macallan fan.


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