Braeckman Distillery Revamps Old Genever

Old Flemish Genever has bought a new coat and dresses young again! Braeckman Distillery from Oudenaarde (Belgium) wants to rejuvenate genever’s old fashioned reputation by restyling their approach, their bottles and especially the labels. The result is magnificent and by that we mean the bottle as well as the liquid inside!!

Braeckman Distillery, Oudenaarde, Belgium.

Braeckman Distillery is located in the city of Oudenaarde, once world famous for its tapestries. Every self-respecting lord had to have a Flemish tapestry made in Oudenaarde in his castle or palace. An old city with a vivid past. Emperor Charles V himself, preferred the local maidens to father some children here. Oudenaarde was also the scene of many dramatic battles, including a glorious victory by the Duke of Marlborough and Marshall Henry of Nassau against France in 1708. Today it is mostly known for a bicycle event called: The Tour of Flanders.

Good Old Marlborough, fueled on genever, dishing out some punishment to the French at the battle of Oudenaarde by John Wootton.

Braeckman Distillery was founded in 1918 by Achiel Braeckman and three generations later, the same family still distills according to the original recipe. The genever brand was then known as: ‘The Blue Pigeon’. Probably to make the brand recognisable amongst other genevers.

Blue Pigeon Genever

The current head of the family: Filip Braeckman, runs the distillery since 1987 and was able to build an entirely new distillery in 1996. The distillery uses local rye and malted barley and still creates its own maltwine. The result is a fantastic genever with a distinct rye taste, the smoothness of maltwine and the crispiness of juniper berries. Then they age this for up to 10 years in used bourbon barrels to add sweet notes of vanilla and honey, which marry marvelously with the botanicals and juniper berries. It’s not overly complex, but straightforward and rich in taste. So, if you like rye, please do try!

The label is beautifully made. It’s modernised with a retro feel of the roaring twenties (which is at least fair, because they did start distilling in 1918) and a shiny copper colour that matches the liquid inside. So, if you ever wanted to start putting your nose into genever, this one is a definite recommendation!

Recommended retail price is: 29€, 6 years old 34€, 10 years old 42,5€. Braeckman Genever has an O’de Flander Quality Label.


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