The Ghost & The Rare, a new and exclusive Johnny Walker Blue Label. Port Ellen Edition.

The Ghost & The Rare is actually a series of limited edition Blue Labels. Brilliant blends comprising solely out of extremely rare whiskies and whiskies from so called ghost distilleries. This one is focused around the very prestigious Port Ellen whisky. It is by far one of the best blends we ever tasted, it’s a masterpiece.

Trust me, you really want a bottle of this spectral perfection, it is beyond this world. Jim Beveridge, Johnny Walker’s Master Blender, really outdid himself here. This Ghost & Rare gives you goosebumps, sends shivers down your spine and the aftertaste haunts you forever!!

This Johnny Walker Blue Label, The Ghost & The Rare Port ellen Edition, was presented to us in Amsterdam at the incredible Pullitzer Hotel during an extraordinary dinner. Just look at the pictures and drool.

Johnny Walker Blue Label cocktails during every course, because f*** wine 😉

The Port Ellen Distillery closed its gates in 1983 and a simple bottle of it quickly knocks 3000€ out of your wallet. The Ghost & The Rare provides you with a wistful memory of this famous single malt. “A look into the Afterworld,” as Jim Beveridge calls it.

Ben Lobos from Dr. in Rotterdam pouring out the aperitivo.

And although it is starring Port Ellen, the supporting actors are no small fish either. Two other ghost distillery single malts join in: Caledonian and Carsebridge, which add layers of vanilla sweetness. On top of that is a very impressive array of rare single malts like Mortlach – aka ‘The Beast’-, Dailuaine, Cragganmore, Blair Athol and Oban. According to Jim himself these deliver rolling waves of waxy citrus, rich malt and tropical fruit flavours, perfectly balancing the significant maritime smokiness of The Port Ellen.

Definitely a bottle that should be in your collection.

If that line up didn’t make you smile you should stick to apple juice instead! So start 2019 with a blast and have a Ghost!


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