Johnnie White Walker is the first of a Game of Thrones Whisky Series

Winter is here! A raven splashed against my window and he carried a most unusual bottle. I pried it from the ice cold snow where it had fell and read the message which was revealed to me in blazing blue letters, six cellos played a moving tune in the background. 

It’s here, they’re here and it’s amazing! Game of Thrones whisky is a thing!  Soon you will be able to choose your own “house” and binge watch your favourite HBO show whilst sipping on some spectacular whiskies.If you don’t know what Game of Thrones is I suggest you get yourself to the nearest space port and ask for a oneway ticket to Earth. If you hate Game of Thrones or GoT for short, then stop reading altogether. 

The Single Malts from Westeros. Notice the black Oban for The Night Watch.

The first to kick off the series is a Johnnie Walker Blend based on the legendary White Walkers, almost unstoppable magical creatures of ice and snow who live beyond The Great Wall, guarded by the infamous Night Watch. The bottle is beautiful actually. It is packed in a decorated shrink wrap, but it is very well done. It represents ice and frost of course and there’s Johnnie, now decorated in armour and carrying a sword while looking at you rather maliciously with blazing blue eyes. Near the bottom it reads: ‘distilled, blended and bottled north of The Wall.’ Referring to both the Wall in Westeros and the one from Hadrian marking the border with Scotland, I presume. A nice touch. Another nice touch is the fact that, when frozen – as the serving suggestion recommends – pale blue letters appear on the side, reading: ‘Winter is Here’.

The beautiful White Walker bottle. Is it marketing? Yes, but it is well done. Is it a gimmick? Yes, but it’s fun and you know you want it.

You don’t have to be a whisky lover to appreciate what’s in the bottle. White Walker is an extremely easy going and sweet grain whisky blended with Cardhu and a touch of Clynelish (Scotland’s most Northern distillery, very aptly chosen to suit the White Walker theme). It’s a bottle to share with fellow GoT fans on one of your special GoT binge watching parties. 

I mean, seriously, if you have the slightest appreciation for Game of Thrones and you’re holding this bottle, you cannot but smile and produce a very naughty ho,ho,ho! Admit it, you have to have this bottle! It also makes a great Christmas gift, you know! Then again, if you really wanted to taste Clynelish, then maybe wait for House Tyrell.

The different GoT Houses and their corresponding single malts. Yes, you want it, I know!


Available at De Moor Spirits

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