World’s End Rum, a flotilla of flavour and lots of gold.

Ah, rum, rumbullion, tafia, guildive, pirate juice, killdevil, the blood of the Caribbean, we love it. If you don’t like rum, you just haven’t tasted the right one yet. We experienced this with a sub category of rum: spiced rum. We didn’t like it, until we travelled to the World’s End and discovered a fine red bottle of dark spiced rum. An amazingly balanced blend of rums, spice and fruit. World’s End Rum is slowly conquering the rest of the world, collecting gold medals at each rum festival it passes. And you know what the best part is? It’s the liquid brain child of two pirates from Belgium!

It was Lester Schutters who took his spyglass and observed that the whole of the world was getting more and more familiar with rum as, you know, something else than to just make mojitos with. So he quickly set sail and went looking for a true expert in rum, which he found in Tom “The Drifter” Neijens, the Tiki God who bleeds blackstrap instead of blood. Lester at one point must have asked Tom what was still missing in the large world of rum? And Tom probably answered: “Aaarrrrmmmm, let me think for a while!” Followed very shortly by: ” A fine spiced one, it is!” And so they decided to make one.


World’s End Rum is a blend of 5 year old Barbados and 3 year old Trinidad and Tobago rums. This fine blend is then macerated with orange, ginger and black pepper. Before World’s End every spiced rum I tasted was just as much as sugar syrup with caramel, vanilla and cinnamon added. A liquid so sweet you can only mask it with something sweeter like coke… Not so with World’s End Rum. WER is well blended and the spice notes are definitely there, but not over-dominating the rums. It’s like you just ate a buttered toast with orange and ginger marmalade and washed it down with a super smooth Barbados. A flotilla of flavours explode in your mouth. This is nice over ice and fabulous in cocktails!


WER has won gold at the Berlin Rum Festival and the Madrid Rum Salon already. It is probably collecting even more gold coins whilst we write. It is an absolute must try for everybody! Apart from Dark Spiced, World’s End also has a cracking Falernum and a delicious Tiki Spiced version. We’re a big fan aaaand it has a skull on the bottle, what more do you want?



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