Flemish Food Bash is World’s Best Restaurant & Cocktailbar, but only for 1 day.

Ever dined in a 25 star restaurant? No? Well, neither have I, but if you're free on the 5th of July 2015, you can! A grand total of 40 chefs, together good for 25 Michelin stars and no less then 20 bartenders from the top 50 best bars in the world will gather at Oostduinkerke Beach in Belgium and seduce you with what is probably the most sensual food & booze orgy on the globe.


It says Flemish Food Bash, but it’s not only Flander’s finest you will meet. Actually it’s quite the international crowd. An impressive global line up which turns this event in a must visit for anybody who can chew. Apart from star chefs and top bartenders, there’s also baristas, butchers, bakers and beers galore to fulfil every “burgundian” fantasy you’ve ever had.

They're from everywhere, even Greenland if you please!
They’re from everywhere, even Greenland if you please!

Let’s have a look at the bartenders:

Jigger’s, Belgium

The Pharmacy, Belgium

Marian Beke from The Nightjar, UK

Erik Lorincz from The Savoy, UK

Steve Okhuysen, Old Fashioned, Belgium

Sofie Ketels, Belgium

Didier Van den Broeck, Dogma, Belgium

Maxim Kilian, The Parlour, Germany

Roman Milostivy, Chainaya, Russia

Paul Morel, Belgium

Rémy Savage, Little Red Door, France

Gegam Kazarian, Kazaris Project, Spain

Steve Schneider, Employees Only, USA

Jurgen Nobels, Belgium (winner of Diageo World Class Belgium 2015)

Laura Schacht, Hiding In Plain Sight, Netherlands

Zoltan Nagy, Boutiq’Bar, Hungary

Gobo Hansen, Ruby, Denmark

Julia Momose, Green River, USA

Massimo Stronati, The Doping Club, Italy

Matthew Bax, Trink Tank, Austria

Check out that list, quite impressive isn’t it! And if you don’t know them then come down and meet them, because you should (especially if you’re into cocktails).

Prices for the food or a cocktail are ridiculously low, because the whole thing is a not for profit event. The value for them is to watch and learn from each other…and a killer party of course.

Well, you know where I will be on the 5th 😉

P.S. There’s also barbers, hairstylists, tattoo artists, cheese aficionados, patissiers and street artists, … Chances are very high people won’t recognise you anymore after ‘the bash’.

Flemish Food Bash

More information on:



5th of July, Oostduinkerke Beach, Belgium

12:00 – 06:00hrs

Tickets: 30€


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