Jigger’s will be jamming with the best of the world!

Belgium's best cocktailbar Jigger's has invited 4 worldstar bartenders - each belonging to a bar from amongst the top 50 best bars in the world - for a two day guestbartending. This is your chance to meet the best of the best in the world and compare cocktail culture from Italy, Moscow, Chicago and Amsterdam with Ghent, Belgium.

Jigger’s (in The Cocktail Nation currently known as: “The Black Panther Club” and their bartenders as “The Bagheera Boyz” 😉 ) has a special program for you on Wednesday the 1st and Thursday the 2nd of July 2015. And if you like cocktails (even modestly) you should grab this chance to meet the best of Milan, Amsterdam, Chicago and Moscow’s bartenders.

The Bagheera Boyz
The Bagheera Boyz from Jigger’s. Left to right: Jesse, Olivier, Benji and Robin.

Wednesday 1st of July

Massimo Stronati, The Doping Club, Milano

This fine gentleman will do the “Italian Job” at Jigger’s and that doesn’t mean running away with your paintings in a Mini Cooper… it will be a Ferrari at least. Massimo will show you how Milan, a city with hundreds of years of fine drinking experience, stands tall amongst the greatest in the world.

The Doping Club will fix you up at Jigger's
The Doping Club will fix you up at Jigger’s

Danil Nevsky, Tales & Spirits, Amsterdam

Daddies don’t bring your daughter to the slaughter! This Scottish raised Russian gentleman has a reputation to be the honey to your bumblebees. This man tickles all your senses with the fantastic drinks he makes at Tales & Spirits in Amsterdam, voted one of the best 50 bars in the world. Don’t miss him at jigger’s.

Nevsky pouring his magic.
Nevsky pouring his magic.

Thursday 2nd of July

Julia Momose, The Office, Chicago

This passionate lady can make hurricanes disappear by just smiling at them. She recently worked in The office, a speakeasy hidden inside of the famous Aviary in Chicago. I don’t know about you, but I am very excited to meet her and taste one of her drinks.

Julia Momose will represent Chicago at Jigger's. Photo by Hanna Lee Communications
Julia Momose will represent Chicago at Jigger’s. Photo by Hanna Lee Communications

Roman Milostivy, Chainaya, Moscow

Moscow’s China Town is a very special place and this wizard of tea and cocktails know why. This charming bartender like no other knows how to mix two worlds in a glass.

Roman mixes equal parts of Russia and China.
Roman mixes equal parts of Russia and China.



See you at Bagheera’s… I mean Jigger’s!


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