Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar

Technically it's not a cocktail bar or at least not meant to be one. The concept was to be a normal bar where you could eat real burgers. However with a backbar as impressive as this, it turns out to be a little more than just a "normal"bar. And they serve cocktails too.
Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon. Awesome!
Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon. Awesome!

Uncle Babe’s has a backbar that would make angel’s weep with happiness. Finely stocked with a fantastic array of Mezcals, Tequilas and Bourbons, amongst others.

Abe from Uncle Babe's
Abe from Uncle Babe’s

The bar is owned and managed by the enthusiastic and warmhearted American called Abe. Originally from LA he ended up in Ghent, Belgium and quickly realised that there was something missing in Ghent: a good burger bar. Uncle Babe’s was born.

If you give Abe an axe and put some chainmail on him, he would look like he’d ran away from a vikingmovie set. Which matches perfectly with the Icelandic bartender responsible for the cocktails at Uncle Babe’s: Asgeir Petursson who already looked like a viking (before his haircut. We’re sure that the wild manes have been given a drakkar funeral).

Asgeir Petursson, Icelandic (post-haircut) viking
Asgeir Petursson, Icelandic (post-haircut) viking

Even before we were seated and properly introduced, we were already welcomed with a Pickleback shot. It’s a weird drink, but very tasty. Very umami and a good palate cleanser. It’s actually a shot of bourbon chased by a shot of pickle juice, you have to try it.

Minero Mezcal & Babe's Burger
Minero Mezcal & Babe’s Burger

Then we ordered a burger and some Mezcal. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something in the combination of Mezcal & burgers that is very close to paradise. It’s not the cheapest drink to accompany a burger, but it sure beats a coke. You can also try one of the American (micro brewery) beers.

Basil Hayden's quite nice
Basil Hayden’s quite nice

Well the burger was very yummy, the drinks were amazing, we’re a fan of Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar.

Uncle Babe’s Burger Bar, Sluizekenstraat 2, Gent.

P.S. Unless you’re a fan of extremely hot & spicy, watch out for a very small shot you might be offered, accompanied by a large glass of water! 😉




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