Famous actor Dan Aykroyd presents Crystal Head vodka in Belgium

Ghostbuster and Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd is “on a mission from God”, presenting his own vodka in Antwerp at Dock’s Café.

We must admit, here at the Cocktail Nation, we are great fans of Mr.Aykroyd. So much in fact that we immediately offer him an honourary citizenship of The Cocktail Nation. If you don’t know him you’re probably from another galaxy (and he would love you for it), if you don’t like him, something must have happened to you – you fell down a stairs and now you’re unable to laugh anymore or something. This is the actor of The Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters, Trading Places and Driving Miss Daisy, amongst others. He was also one of the founding fathers of the of the famous Saturday Night Live Show.


Crystal Head - Admit it...you want it too
Crystal Head – Admit it…you want it too

Wanting to do something else for a change, the man probably donned a pair of sunglasses and said: I’m gonna make a vodka – followed 2 seconds later by: and I’m going to put it in a bottle shaped as a skull.

Now the bottle is an amazing eye catcher and as you probably figuered we’re also great fans of anything skullshaped. The whole idea behind it is based on the famous story of the crystal skulls. In the late 19th Crystal Skulls start to pop up seemingly out of nowhere, claimed to have been found at archaeological digs spread over the world, from Tibet to Belize and South America. They’re seen as ancient pre-columbian artefacts and are claimed to have healing powers. Most of them are fake, the others lack so much evidence that they can’t be called fake or genuine for that matter. Fake or not they fire up your imagination and that’s why Dan Aykroyd – always a fan of anything paranormal or extraterrestial – chose the skull to be the vessel to hold his vodka.

Dan discussing vodka, diamonds and ufos
Dan discussing vodka, diamonds and ufos

Crystal Head is a Canadian Vodka made from Canadian wheat and free of additives (no citrus, glycerine, sugar or anything else). It’s just vodka and water, “almost healthy to drink,” Dan said jokingly. The vodka is four times distilled and seven times filtered, three times of which through Herkimer Diamonds. Herkimer diamonds are semi precious quartz crystals found in Herkimer County New York. Of course they are said to have magical powers and are found in large quantities next to a military airfield famous for its ufo sightings.

Now according to science these diamonds can’t have any effect on the taste of the vodka. Nevertheless in an official blind tasting everybody preferred the diamond-filtered against the non diamond-filtered Crystal Head. Spooky 😉

A smart fellow brought his Ghostbuster LP to get signed
A smart fellow brought his Ghostbuster LP to get signed

Wether all that is true or not, doesn’t matter, said Dan, the important thing is that as a bartender you immediately have a story to tell to your customers and people love a good story. Either that or you can discuss a bad Indiana Jones movie (according to the Nation).

Look it even got fitting cute little skull glasses!
Look it even got fitting cute little skull glasses!

The taste befits the concept very well, it is a complete mystery to us. But that’s what you get with vodka, you got to look for other things than taste, like texture, smoothness, etc…

But this thing is an enormous conversation starter. We assure you when you put a skull on the table conversation suddenly ceases to be about boring politics, the weather, traffic jams or plain gossip. The Cocktail Nation is a big fan of the bottle, when it’s empty we’re gonna fill it with water and put a goldfish in it.


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