Cardhu – Amber Rock

Amber Rock is the latest whisky spawned from the stills of the well respected Speyside distillery of Cardhu. 
Cardhu Amber Rock
Cardhu Amber Rock

I think the name is amazing! You could see this on stage: “Presenting for your entertainment: Motley Crue, Spinal Tap and Amber Rock!”

Cardhu means “black rock” in Gaellic, but instead of just putting that on the bottle they wanted a reference to the beautiful colour of their whisky. Also “Black Rock” sounds like a very heavy, strong, smoky, earthly, peated beast of a whisky and it is not like that at all. It is more like a fine, light, balanced butterfly of a whisky.

Tonight's Metal Festival with Spinal Tap and Amber Rock !!
Tonight’s Metal Festival with Spinal Tap and Amber Rock !!

It is double matured on toasted oak barrels seasoned with bourbon which delivers a smoothness and roundness to an already balanced Cardhu. The Amber Rock tastes quite different – to my personal taste – than his other Cardhu brothers. There’s more fruity freshness opposed to the sweeter Cardhus.

It is a good beginner’s whisky from a very fine distillery ( bought by Johnny Walker in the 19th century), so if you’re quite new to whisky be sure to give it a try.

Amber Rock Tracklist:

Track 1: Smash! (it performed quite well in a whisky smash, the mint combined well with the vanilla notes)

Track 2: Sour! (An okay whisky sour)

Track 3: The Long Way To Manhattan (I would not recommend it)

Track 4: Old Fashioned Romance (Not too bad)

Conclusion: It’s Cardhu, I like it, but I hoped it “Rocked” a little more.

Like this guy, you know, 'put it to 11!'
Like this guy, you know, ‘put it to 11!’

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