Hannah Van Ongevalle Breaks Through!

There it is! Our own Belgian candidate, Hannah Van Ongevalle (The Pharmacy bar, Knokke) has been chosen to join the final 16 contestants (out of 48) for the most prestigious cocktail competition in the world!

Gaz Regan, Jan Van Ongevalle, a very proud girl Hannah Van Ongevalle and Tom Bulleit.
Gaz Regan, Jan Van Ongevalle, a very proud girl Hannah Van Ongevalle and Tom Bulleit.

The tension was enormous, the competition is very tough, but she made it. She deems it a personal victory to be amongst the final 16 and together with Japan the only female contestants left. Her already strong confidence is only growing bigger and she has alot more cards upon her sleeve, she said. So we are very excited to see how she will perform on the next challenges. There are four more challenges untill the next elimination tomorrow. Her goals are to best female candidate at the least and of course to win the whole damn thing alltogether! Her father Jan Van Ongevalle – bartender and owner of The Pharmacy bar, where she works – is with her and very, very proud. So far she gave outstanding performances with delicious cocktails and always a characteristic little surprise at the end, involving card tricks and multimedia interactions mixed with great storytelling and an overdosis of charisma. Considering the fact that she has less than 2 years of bartending experience, this girl is really rocking the show and a favourite amongst the crowd. Keep checking the Cocktail Nation for further updates.

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