And they need your help!

Martin Miller’s Gin Cocktail Competition

Look I know, the football thing is going on! And it’s important to watch men kicking balls and fall in the grass, crying, because they were mutilated by air flow or suggestion. But, admit it, you need a time out once in a while from these ‘athletic Saturnalia’ of ball and net worshipping. You know, to go somewhere else, albeit mentally.

Some more sun cream, Jerry? You're lying here for hours!
Some more sun cream, Jerry? You’re lying here for hours!


Well I have got just the trick for you: the Martin Miller’s Gin Cocktail Competition!

The rules are dead simple:

1: Create a unique gin cocktail that relates to the region you are from. You could for example use a local ingrediënt (not crisps) or reflect a local drinking trend or ritual (not bog corpses).

2: Martin Miller is looking for drinks that not only taste great, but also theatrically or imaginatively presented in a way which give a sense of your region.

Just let yourself go, take a beautiful picture of it and upload a high res image to the Martin Miller website. The deadline is 30/06/2014.

And the prize, ladies and gentlemen, is an all expenses paid trip to Iceland. Iceland is a beautiful snowcovered vulcano at the edge of the world. Famous for its hot water fountains and icecold springs with which Miller’s Gin is made of course. Also famous for its vikings, so there’s stuff enough to work with.

How's your Strawberry Daiquiri, Ericsson? Shut up Ragnar, I just invented a mobile phone.
How’s your Strawberry Daiquiri, Ericsson?
Shut up Ragnar, I just invented a mobile phone.




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