Belgian bar amongst the top 10 most influential bars of Europe

JIGGER’S, The Noble Drugstore, a cosy cocktailbar located in Ghent, was recently voted amongst the top ten most influential bars of Europe.


It is not easy to spot the bar. When you ask local people in the streets, they tell you to watch for a stuffed fox with an eyeglass. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe anybody who says something like that to you. And then…

Stuffed fox with eyeglass in the Jigger's window (photo by Diva in the Dark)
Stuffed fox with eyeglass in the Jigger’s window (photo by Diva in the Dark)


Jigger’s is easily Belgium’s best cocktailbar, a conclusion we already drew, being a judge for the VENUEZ Belgian Hospitality Awards. In my opinion it’s all about the way they communicate with the customer. The Jigger’s team’s communication is constant, even when they are not there. It starts with a personal greeting at the door, guiding you to your seat, helping you to a glass of water and handing over the menu with some explanation about this week’s specials.

Most normal bars stop there, they take your order, deliver it, there’s some barchat and that’s it. Not so at Jigger’s.

When you open the menu, you realise it is handwritten, furthermore it is a diary and they recently started to draw little pictures of their cocktails in it. Beautifully done by Olivier Jacobs, head bartender and owner of Jigger’s. You almost have the feeling that you are reading a secret and personal recipe book. You see, in this way they are still communicating to you. It doesn’t stop there. When you receive your drink, it comes on a coaster with an animal personification of one of the crewmembers. A playfull way to break the ice between guest and bartender.

Benji the Bear
Benji the Bear

Mix this with their beautifully crafted, perfectly balanced and gorgeously tasting cocktails and you end up with a pearl among cocktailbars. Proven by their other award they received a while ago, being selected to join the list of the 50 best cocktailbars of Europe. And now amongst the 10 most influential ones. Meaning their unique concept and the way they handle hospitality and cocktails serves as an inspiration for others in the business.

Cocktails and Spirits Award top 10 most influential bars of Europe
Cocktails and Spirits Award top 10 most influential bars of Europe

Jigger’s is a must visit and a star still rising. If you can’t find it, ask for a stuffed fox with an eyeglass and pray you’re not talking to a taxidermist.

Jigger’s The Noble Drugstore: Oudburg 16, 9000 Ghent, Belgium




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